liam & evelyn | family portraits

this little family is one of my favorites! i have known the mama, ashley, since she was a teen-ager, but we used to share a mom. riddle me that, batman.  😉  actually, her mom was my step-mom for many years, and i attribute my scrambled eggs culinary skills to her. ashley and i decided to call ourselves “psuedo-sisters.”

i suppose that means liam is my psuedo-nephew and evelyn is my psuedo-niece. woohoo! liam is turning 3 (obviously), and this little guy has the sweetest little voice you have ever heard. i could listen to him chit chat all day.











miss evelyn has the prettiest face and the biggest eyes. i am going to need her to slow down because she is going to be bigger than liam soon, and that is just going to make for some awkward pictures.  heehee

liam and i share a love for thomas trains, so i was geeky-excited that he brought his collection for pictures. my boys loved thomas, and i still have a huge bin full of the engines. i am not sure i will ever be able to part with them. i loved seeing how much liam loved his!

our photo session was great, and even daddy matt joined in. we got some great shots, and i am already looking forward to evelyn’s next milestone photoshoot – sitting up by herself!      -w



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